Wednesday Inspiration

Hello and Happy Wednesday, readers!

It’s a balmy summer feeling night and we’re listening to the most fantastic album, Is a Woman by Lambchop. It is one of my favourites. Check out this lovely video. Ahhhh.

So I’d like to excuse my cr-r-r-r-azy colour palette that is all over the place with this blog. It’s no secret that I just hate coding. I’m trying to get the blog just perfect … but every time I change something, something else goes wonky. It’s a bit of a nightmare for me. I think CSS is one of those things you just kind of get the hang of over time.

Not to worry though, because the internet is a lovely distraction for somebody like me and I’ve got some beauties to share with you this week!

|illustrations by Olimpia Zagnoli|

Well there you have it folks. Proof that there is a ton of beautiful stuff out there that I spend my days looking at on my (new, big, awesome) computer!

On that note, goodnight.


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