Moving, Chaos and Leaving

Hello lovely people!

It’s a balmy Tuesday afternoon and I’m writing this from my brand new bright sunny kitchen! (yep – that’s Jonathan Livingston Seagull on the floor by the door.)
We have completed our move to right next door. It feels like another world over here. It’s our first time living on a ground floor (we have 2 floors!) with a (small) backyard and (large) front yard and I’m already loving the easiness of coming and going! YAY!!

We gave Flora the largest room because it’s right off of the kitchen (where we spend most of our time). She can do her thing while we do ours and we can even leave the back door open with a gate. Check out her awesome digs!

See the wall deco? That’s Paolo the Fox by fellow nënë member Vanja Kragulj. I love the splashes of colour against the white walls. Beautiful! The quilt my mom made looks amazing on the wooden floor, too.

It was a crazy move for us – I didn’t even get to pack up my own belongings and move them because I got really killed the last 2 weeks with some mystery virus that left me and the peanut destroyed. We’re on antibiotics now and are on the mend, but it’s been really rough. The husband man had to do a lot of the moving alone and we had to call in the troops for backup. Thank goodness for good friends. I love our friends. Love them!

All of this happened during the week I should have been doing my final exams in my sales / promotions class. Everything, including Moon and Sparrow, has been put on hold and the stagnation of my work and project has been really stressful.

Anyway, all things pass. And our new place is a total dream. Look at our living room!

(Look at my new Azalea plant. Looks fake!)

and we finally got to hang up the lovely birch lamp we got from Puces Pop last winter. It’s so twinkly and pretty at night.

I took these photos with the Iphone, of course, since I don’t know where my camera is! I haven’t even looked at my studio space yet. That’s for next week.

We’re off to Toronto tomorrow for a couple of days. I’m going to one of my best friend’s wedding and Sylv has a gig. Flora will just be socializing.

Hope you all have a great next few days – I’ll be back here next week! No Wednesday Inspiration post tomorrow, but I’ll leave you instead with these links to some pretty nice stuff:

Okay, bye for now lovelies!


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One Response to Moving, Chaos and Leaving

  1. Sandy,

    This looks like a beautiful flat! Glad it doesn’t look like every typical American interior. Stereotypes. Ok, you guys are Canadian. That makes a difference :-)


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