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So I guess it was just a matter of time before Flo insisted she start her own Comic strip. She cleverly wanted to call it “No, you’re the comic!” but then changed her mind to “Mom the comic.” She cried and pleaded that we go over how to draw a comic (like I know??) the other night at 8pm. Defeated, I got all our stuff out and set up the kitchen table expecting to do a quick 15 minute-er.

I know, I know,  does anything take 15 minutes with a 4 year old? Ever?


She said she would like to start with 4 boxes. I drew them on 2 sheets of 8.5 x 11. I told her that it should be a short little story or joke, and that the last drawing should be the end. She told me “It will be about you and your prince, walking through the garden.” (Sylv, obviously).

I wanted her to draw all of it but she really wanted me to draw the bodies and the speech bubbles. She told me that the prince was wearing a kind of vest and that the princess had a heart shaped dress – great opportunity to give myself a gigantic bosom in a sweetheart neckline.

The rest was dictated WORD FOR WORD by Flo. I did not help at all with the ‘script’ and she did pretty much all the drawing.

She cracked up at the end, dying at her own clever punchline. I have to admit, it’s pretty great. *She thought it would be so funny if Sylv (my prince) and I were lying in the grass and suddenly his mouth disappeared. But then she drew only the mouth on him!  What a cutie.

Look at Sylv’s beard. Amazing.

Here you have it folks, Flo’s first Comic Strip, “Mom, the Comic”, this one’s called “Summer Now”

by Flora, 4

by Flora, 4



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  1. Aubergine says:

    oh. my god. the best. ever. now i’m going to go have nightmares about bearded men with no mouths.

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