Custom baby books in English!

Hi folks,

As the custom baby book orders are coming in steady, I wanted to remind everybody that they come in both French and English now! You get a 26 page book with one custom illustrated page – some examples have been “Baby at Grandma’s” “Baby and Pet”, “The World Around Me’, “Family Tree”, “Baby and Sibling” etc.

How does it work?
For the custom illustration page, once you’ve decided what you would like, you send a picture (if you want) and I can draw Grandma, your cat, your dog, your trip to Prague, whatever you want! I send you the illustration, you get one round of edits, and then I order the book which then gets sent directly from the publisher to you! The whole process usually takes 2 – 3 weeks.

Sometimes people want to list the book in their gift registry – no problem! Contact me for more information on listing the custom book pre-shower.

As well, many people want a few extra pages and illustrations or a custom cover. No problem – for a fixed fee per illustration I can add extra pages and drawings, change the cover, add whatever you like. This is a self published book and each book is made to order.

That’s all for now, happy Monday – hope it’s sunny and above zero, wherever you are!


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