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Bubble Eye Goldfish

Bubble Eye Goldfish

Hey everyone,

Have you ever met a  Bubble Eye Goldfish?

These fish are the cutest little guys ever. They swim terribly, have large jiggly bubbles surrounding their round, intense eyeballs and have an arched back and no back fin.

We have one and his name is BUBBLE FACE. I know, crazy right?

In Japanese they are called s suihogan.

Right click on the image below for the downloadable colouring page version.

Happy Tuesday,




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Win your very own Acrostic Illustration!




It’s been awhile – my last post was right before winter really began and now the birds are chirping, which means a)  I survived another winter, thank God and b) I am what we might call “an infrequent blogger”, at best. BUT I am still here, and that’s what counts right?

SO – to celebrate spring and all the greatness that comes with it (like not burning your face off in cold air everytime you walk out the door), I am holding a GIVEAWAY – not really a contest, but GIVEAWAY is too long a word to make a custom image for, so I’m calling it that.

What’s up for grabs? One of my new ACROSTIC NAME ILLUSTRATIONS featuring the name of your favourite kid / adult / pet / self!



What do you have to do? Just leave a name in the comments of whoever you would give this too. That’s it! I will enter your name into a random draw on Monday 27 and announce it on the Facebook Page! Happy Weekend to you lovely people, I’m going now to sit in the SUN.

xo sandy

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