Christmas! Terrible family photo!

Hi folks! It’s been a very long time since I last blogged. I got a new website (using squarespace!) and I was wondering if I should move the blog over there. So instead of making a decision (I think I’ll stay here for now) I have just avoided writing.

Jumping right back in though, how are you? I’m great! So much going on and such a great time of year. Christmas! What adult doesn’t LOVE this time of year!? (I joke. Out of everybody I know, it seems to be just me and my kids who really love it.)

We got our Christmas card done.

Thank God Sylv made it in the family photo this year.

Thank God Sylv made it in the family photo this year.

As with every year, the pharmacy takes a photo that we couldn’t have created if we’d tried. Len peed on Santa, Santa was sweating like a pig and was all steamed up in his glasses, and once again, Sylv missed the shot (through no fault of his own.) (But nothing a heavily feathered photoshop brush couldn’t handle.) Anybody who wants one of these (even if you don’t personally know me!) send me your address – sandradumais(at) and I will pop a little Christmas surprise in the mail with one of these gems included.

Something I’m really excited about doing is Le Marché de la Dernière Chance ! I’ll be working alongside some good craft buddies and my mom will be with me on the Sunday selling her gorgeous knitwear (seriously if you love real wool, bright colours and bulky cowls, come see us! She won’t have many and they’re so pretty).


This was the fastest poster I’ve ever turned out… thought I’d give myself the restriction of using only one colour and one medium. So ink it was! Would have loved to done all the writing by hand but ran out of time!

Ok, first blog post in months and I don’t want to overdo it. A Very Murray Christmas and a cup of hot tea awaits me upstairs so goodnight for now,


ps – just discovered this today. Gah! Buy it tomorrow and drink it cold on ice !


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Fall = Changes over here!

SUMMER IS OVER! I feel full of joy and disbelief. I personally had a great summer, did you? I had both kids home (yowzas) and though it was hairy at times, we got lots done and had a super great time. We got out into the country a lot but also really took advantage of Montreal’s awesomeness.


Perhaps you came across this post from my newsletter, and are wondering about the changes I made recently. Why I decided to move my studio back home and what the heck is my son doing out of daycare?

I initially rented the shared studio space to see if I liked working in a separate environment. I went everyday from 9-3.

I started sending Len more and more to daycare while Flo was at school, since now I had to factor in a small commute there and back, and making my lunch. I also started working with a commercial licensing agent and pulling longer days – much longer. I missed my kid and the simplicity of working at home. If I was going to pull long days working, this wasn’t the way I wanted it to happen, you know? I don’t do mass market art. It doesn’t inspire me and it’s hard to create only thinking about “what will people want to buy?”

I took an entire day to unplug and really think about where my time was being spent. I made some lists, I looked at some pros and cons. I looked at the strong resistance every morning I battled as I dropped Lennon off at his daycare. I drank 5 cups of coffee. Then I made some changes.

I left the agent. I gave notice at my studio. I gave notice at the daycare. And I prepared.

Sylv painted and prepped the downstairs and I organized so that I would be set up for some MAJOR EFFICIENCY while working at home with a toddler. I stocked up on packaging boards, sleeves, tubes and paper. I filled drawers and drawers with printing inks. I organized my drawing corner right near the window and replaced bulbs with natural light bulbs.




We set up a play corner away from my work where the kids can get messy, or watch movies, or read books.

And now I have my dream studio and set up.

And I have found a perfect 2 morning a week set up at an awesome drop-in daycare up the street, with the option of taking more blocks if I need. It fits more what I was looking for and what I feel like Lenny needs. (You know the kind of daycare that brings kids out for a walk even in the rain? Yep, that kind.)

Let’s be honest, this isn’t all sunshine and rainbows – far from it. Have you tried working at home with a toddler?

There’s a lot of squeezing in work in bursts of 15 minutes, there are late nights, I sometimes wear the same thing for 3 days. I am quickly becoming more scatterbrained, forgetful. I’m letting go of some goals I had for this year. But I’m doing it! I’ve got my boy home most days and I’m working in a space that inspires and delights me.

But most importantly, I’ve got an open mind to adjustment if changes need to be made.

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