Skeletons are Always Alive



The other day Flo drew this while we were doing chores around the house. We flipped out – I mean, a skeleton? How does she know how to draw a skeleton head and torso? We saw her drawing, she wasn’t looking at anything.

I asked her some questions about it tonight:

Mom: So Flo, what’s going on in this picture?
Flo: It’s like a map.
M: Oh! Neat. Explain it to me?
F: Well the princess is in the air and looking down below.
M: At the ground?
F: The ground, the water, all that mélanged together.
M: And who’s this guy?
F: He’s a Skelette.
M: What’s his name?
F: Skelette-Ti-Ti
M: What’s he doing?
F: He’s scaring people, but he’s nice.
M: Oh right. Is he alive?
F: Of course he’s alive! (finds this question funny). Skeletons are always alive!
M: Do you know you have a skeleton in your body?
F: Yes, cause I have bones. Like these ones (shows ankle, wrist)
M: What’s your favourite bone in your body?
F: Oh, my ribs for sure.


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Interview with a 4 year old

I asked my 4 year-old some questions while we were drawing after dinner one night.

Mom: Flo what is your favourite animal?
Flo: A unicorn
M: Why?
F: Cause they make lots of things.
M: They do? Like what?
F: (rolls eyes) Like rainbows!
M: If you had a unicorn what would you name him?
F: Unicornia
M: What would you feed him?
F: Grass
M: And for dessert?
F: (thinks and thinks)
Papa: Rainbow bits!
F: Oh yeah good idea Papa.
F: What’s your favourite animal Mom?
M: I guess dogs.
F: Oh yeah, they’re just great.
M: And what do you want to be when you grow up?
F: Drawing.
M: You don’t want to be a Dr. anymore?
F: Nope, changed my mind.
M: What are you scared of at night?
F: The leaves on the plant in the kitchen. And monsters.


Happy Thursday everybody! I’m home sick with the kids and admittedly kind of enjoying it.


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