Revenge Art by Flora

So Flo gets mad at us a lot. Well, she gets mad at me sometimes and at Sylv a lot. When she gets mad she does any number of things; yesterday she told me “I don’t think you’re pretty, you don’t think I’m pretty, and that’s IT! OKAY!?” I agreed and that was the end of the fight.

The best though, is when she gets mad and then makes Revenge Art. She hides herself (usually in my office) and makes elaborate drawings and then tapes them somewhere we’ll see them, and glowers at us while we watch.

Here are some of my favourite pieces:

1) This gem was presented to me the other morning, in the middle of a fight I didn’t know we were having while I made breakfast. (Notice the sun and the moon, both present.) “It is a picture of you guys dérange-ing me”, she said.

Revenge Art 1

Mom “dérange-ing” Me While I Draw”, Flora 4

The one below is Papa’s. In this one, a cheerful Sylvain has provoked Flora into a fight, and she’s swatting him away. Things I like about this drawing: my open sketchbook on the table, that cherry sundae floating in the air by Sylv’s head, and Flora’s signature in the corner, with a heart and a tree integrated.

papa deranging

Papa”dérange-ing” Me While I Draw”, Flora 4

The next lovely piece was taped, using packing tape, to the side of our antique hutch that we got when we first got married. It depicts Flo and Sylv, fighting, over Flo not picking up her lego. On a sunny day. I like Sylv’s beard. Cute!

"Papa being Mean" Flora, 4

“Papa being Mean” Flora, 4

and then this one was a nice surprise the other day. Again, at breakfast; Lennon wanted more yogurt – I told him we had no more, and he threw himself to the floor (normal – happens every morning). Flo then got mad at me for upsetting her brother and she grabbed a previously happy drawing she had made for me off of the fridge. “How do you spell ‘Flora’s Gone’?” she asked. Uh Oh.


Flora’s Gone – Flora, 4

Anybody else get Revenge Art from their kids?

This is totally normal, every kid goes through it…. right?

Happy weekend,


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Public Art Project with Flo

Last weekend Flo and I did a small project that I’d been thinking about for awhile. We wanted to make little tiny surprise packages – or pieces of art, to hide around outside for people to find. What is it about teeny tiny packages that feels so special?

Flo mentioned that she’d like if somebody else sort of answered to our pieces… like if they also left something. So we asked that whoever found the drawing leave something for us in the same place.

We made a few little notes and drawings and folded them up small, leaving them in surprise places.

This was one of the letters we hid on Masson.

This was one of the letters we hid on Masson.

We hid them along Masson in various nooks and crannies but we forgot to write down where we put them so didn’t actually know where to look. We checked the places we remembered – nothing this round. I told Flo it would likely take a couple of tries.

Has anybody else tried some sort of public art with their children? I love the idea of leaving things around the city. Other ideas?

Flo folded them up so that they looked like cards.

Flo folded them up so that they looked like cards.

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