Fall = Changes over here!

SUMMER IS OVER! I feel full of joy and disbelief. I personally had a great summer, did you? I had both kids home (yowzas) and though it was hairy at times, we got lots done and had a super great time. We got out into the country a lot but also really took advantage of Montreal’s awesomeness.


Perhaps you came across this post from my newsletter, and are wondering about the changes I made recently. Why I decided to move my studio back home and what the heck is my son doing out of daycare?

I initially rented the shared studio space to see if I liked working in a separate environment. I went everyday from 9-3.

I started sending Len more and more to daycare while Flo was at school, since now I had to factor in a small commute there and back, and making my lunch. I also started working with a commercial licensing agent and pulling longer days – much longer. I missed my kid and the simplicity of working at home. If I was going to pull long days working, this wasn’t the way I wanted it to happen, you know? I don’t do mass market art. It doesn’t inspire me and it’s hard to create only thinking about “what will people want to buy?”

I took an entire day to unplug and really think about where my time was being spent. I made some lists, I looked at some pros and cons. I looked at the strong resistance every morning I battled as I dropped Lennon off at his daycare. I drank 5 cups of coffee. Then I made some changes.

I left the agent. I gave notice at my studio. I gave notice at the daycare. And I prepared.

Sylv painted and prepped the downstairs and I organized so that I would be set up for some MAJOR EFFICIENCY while working at home with a toddler. I stocked up on packaging boards, sleeves, tubes and paper. I filled drawers and drawers with printing inks. I organized my drawing corner right near the window and replaced bulbs with natural light bulbs.




We set up a play corner away from my work where the kids can get messy, or watch movies, or read books.

And now I have my dream studio and set up.

And I have found a perfect 2 morning a week set up at an awesome drop-in daycare up the street, with the option of taking more blocks if I need. It fits more what I was looking for and what I feel like Lenny needs. (You know the kind of daycare that brings kids out for a walk even in the rain? Yep, that kind.)

Let’s be honest, this isn’t all sunshine and rainbows – far from it. Have you tried working at home with a toddler?

There’s a lot of squeezing in work in bursts of 15 minutes, there are late nights, I sometimes wear the same thing for 3 days. I am quickly becoming more scatterbrained, forgetful. I’m letting go of some goals I had for this year. But I’m doing it! I’ve got my boy home most days and I’m working in a space that inspires and delights me.

But most importantly, I’ve got an open mind to adjustment if changes need to be made.

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Fun Facts about the GOBLIN SHARK!

Eek! What the heck is that?! Don’t worry, it’s just a GOBLIN SHARK, one of the world’s strangest looking creatures by far. Look at those teeth! I do admit though, I find him kind of cute? I’m a sucker for a big smile.

These dudes live very deep down – more than 100 metres! – so they pose no threat to us humans – a great quality in a shark! They also have good taste in food – they enjoy feasting on crabs and other deep sea creatures.

This species has been around for more than 125 million years – which is why we also call them “The living fossil”. Right click on the image below to print the Fun Fact Colouring Sheet, and scroll down for a picture of the real deal.

Downloadable colouring page by moon and sparrow

Downloadable colouring page by moon and sparrow

goblin-shark-arrives-in-Sydneyeeks! Happy Tuesday people!

xo sandy


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